Instructor Account Request

As of July 1st, 2017, CATME is a licensed service. CATME uses a tiered pricing structure for our licenses that is based on a unique student count for the license. For more information on licensing, please go to the CATME information site. Unique student count is based upon previous license year's actual use, or your estimated use in the new license year. If you wish to test the system with our free test student accounts, please go to the CSV File Format Help page to download the student files. Instructor testing with our student accounts incurs no charges.

Unique student count is defined as a single student email address which is only counted once per license year no matter how many times it appears in CATME surveys

This form is for requesting new instructor accounts ONLY. Once you submit your request you will be asked to provide a billing contact.
Students who are having difficulty logging in should contact their instructor and/or go to Student FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or Student Videos.

  (Please use a verifiable institutional email address
and NOT a generic ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail)

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