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Student Announcements

Instructor Announcements

  • New peer rating reports now available by team, see Dashboard team detail video at or click on the Dashboard-Detail by Team button when Viewing Results
  • Annual password updates will be required for logins on or after July 1st, 2019. See Account password guidelines video:
  • Need a quote for your 2019-2020 License PO, please send a request to
  • Significant research is available on improving team formation through student preference ranking questions in teammaker surveys and managing teams through the use of satisfaction and psychological safety questions in peer rating surveys. Please send a request for research copies to
  • 14 vs 24 hour schedule team formation question available (see video)
  • All TA accounts are now Dual TA/Student accounts (see video). Please send your TA list with first & last names and email addresses and we will create Dual accounts for them.
  • Training in the CATME Rating Scale and videos explaining the CATME Dimensions (see link)
  • Penn State University has a great collection of CATME instructor information (see link)
  • Peer to Peer Comments improve Peer Evaluation Quality (see videos)
  • Time Zone Scheduling team formation option (see video)


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