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You must have an account to access this system. If you already have an account, simply enter your email address and password to log in. Please remember the following:

The process for creating new accounts is different, depending whether you are a student or instructor user of the system:

Your account will be created automatically as soon as your instructor begins using the system for your class. You will receive an email message with instructions on how to set your initial password. If you did not receive this email for some reason, you can use the "Forgot your password?" link to set up a new password.
Please request a new account using the "request instructor account" link in the upper-right corner of the login screen. If you would like to review the format of the on-line instrument the students will see, you may also view a sample survey.

Forgot Password Form

If you enter your email address into this form, the system will send you an email containing a special link that will allow you to reset your password. This email is similar to the one you received when your account was initially created in the system (although the link in the email is different). If you've lost (or never received) this email when your account was created, you may use this "Forgot Password" form to create your initial password in the system.

You MUST enter the exact email address that was used when your account was originally created. The system will not alert you if an incorrect email address is used-- you will simply not receive any email. If you have multiple email addresses and are not sure which one was used to create your account, simply try entering each address into the form until one of them works. Student users should also be able to ask their instructor for the correct email address.

Create (or Reset) Password Form

This screen is used to set your initial password in the system or reset a forgotten password. You will arrive at this screen by following a link in an email sent to you from our automated system. This link contains a special embedded security code that must be reproduced exactly for this page to function properly. So if you are using "cut and paste" to extract the link from the email message, be sure to capture the complete link.

The form requires that you enter the exact email address that was used when your account was originally created. This email address will be specified in the email message that included the link to get you to this form. The combination of the unique security code embedded in the page link and your correct email address authorizes you to reset the password on the account.

Please enter your new password twice for verification. Passwords must contain at least six characters and may be made up of letters, numbers, and even punctuation and symbols like "@" and "=".

If the password update is successful, you will automatically be logged into the system and taken to your system "home page". The new password you entered is now your permanent system password and can be used on the login page from this point forward. You DO NOT need to visit the "Create New Password" screen again once you have set up your initial password.

If you wish to change your password in the future, log into the system using your current password click the appropriate button in the upper-right corner of your system home page ("Change Password" for students, or "My Profile" for instructor users).

New Instructor Account Request

Thank you for your interest in our software!

Please complete all information on this form before submitting your request with the "Submit Request" button in the upper-right corner of the screen. The time zone information is used so that student survey start/end times happen at the correct times for your institution's local time zone. If you're not sure what time zone you're in, WorldTimeZone can give you that information.

Once the form is submitted, you should be contacted by the system administrators (within 3 business days) to verify your information. When your account is activated, you will receive an email from our automated system that will allow you to set your initial password.

Sample Instrument

The purpose of this sample instrument is to give prospective instructors users a sense of how the on-line CATME Peer Evaluation instrument appears to student users. After the initial welcome screen, a second screen displays descriptions of four members of a hypothetical team-- obviously these hypothetical descriptions would not appear if this were an actual survey.

You will use the information provided in the descriptions to rate the various students as you proceed through the sample instrument (at any point in the instrument, you may simply roll your mouse over the student's name to see the descriptive text for the student). Rate each student by clicking on the button next to the descriptive text that best matches that student's behavior-- there is one column of buttons for each of the students in the hypothetical team, and that column is labeled with the student's name. Note the "Demonstrates behaviors described immediately above and below." choice for students whose behaviors seem to straddle the various behavioral descriptions.

You must completely rate all students for a given set of behaviors before being allowed to proceed to the next behavioral category (this is a requirement for students using the actual instrument as well). You may back up to a previous category without completing a given screen. For best results, please use the "Back" and "Next" buttons in the upper-right corner of the survey form or the various buttons on the navigation bar rather than your browser's forward/back buttons.

After completing the instrument, you will be given feedback on how closely your assessment of the hypothetical team members matched the research team's assessment. Green arrows (In the absence of images, the text "You choose this, the correct answer.") indicate that your assessment matched that of the research team, while red arrows (In the absence of images, the text "This is the correct answer.") indicate a discrepancy (the research team's opinion is indicated with the red arrow, while your entry is marked with blue (In the absence of images, the text "You choose this answer.") ). Roll your mouse over the green or red arrows for further information.

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