Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Chase Jones
Encourages team to check work for errors. Communicates high expectations with regard to the quality of assignments. Takes the initiative to make sure everyone makes it to the meetings and gets their work done. Records team progress and tasks remaining. Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Shows skills in areas where the rest of the team does not have them. Identifies solutions for issues that no one else is able to address. Does fair share of the work, but generally not above and beyond the fair share. Communicates well with the other team members. Asks everyone to contribute ideas so everyone's voice is heard during team meetings.
Quinn Lee
Able to contribute to all assignments because of an unusually strong understanding of the required mathematical knowledge and skills. Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Often makes statements implying the team will fail the assignment. Talks about the need to get good grades by turning in quality work. Provides valuable input for accomplishing team assignments. Adds input to the team assignments. Helps the team think of issues that have been overlooked. Creates goals to help the team monitor its progress. Shares ideas openly with fellow team members. Frequently absent.
Morgan Martinez
Shows up late, if at all, to team meetings. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Demonstrates outstanding mathematics skills. Completes the required mathematical operations due to having the expected mathematical skills for this course. Listens to everyone. Is often combative when own ideas are not adopted. Reminds team of deadlines to help encourage the completion of tasks. Finishes work as quickly as possible without regard for whether it is done correctly. Talks about the need to get good grades by turning in quality work.

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