Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness

Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Harley Hall
Able to contribute to all assignments because of an unusually strong understanding of the required mathematical knowledge and skills. Figures out how to do the math for assigned problems. Does an equal share of the work. Provides valuable input for accomplishing team assignments. Invests time to ensure the team is doing the job well. Encourages the team to do better than it normally would. Cheers on teammates. Shares ideas openly with fellow team members. Identifies weaknesses in the team's developments.
Guadalupe Martinez
Expresses frustration when trying to complete tasks that require task-specific knowledge and skills. Completes the required mathematical operations due to having the expected mathematical skills for this course. Effectively completes tasks, no matter what. Completes any math required as part of the team's assignments. Often argues with other teammates. Encourages team to check work for errors. Finishes work as quickly as possible without regard for whether it is done correctly. Helps the team think of issues that have been overlooked. Often coordinates meetings when others forget.
Bailey Miller
Checks work to ensure it is generally correct. Often makes statements implying the team will fail the assignment. Listens to everyone. Is often combative when own ideas are not adopted. Uses computer skills to help solve some problems. Accomplishes tasks quickly by using extensive knowledge base. Records team progress and tasks remaining. Distracts the other team members by talking about topics that have nothing to do with the task. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Frequently misses team meetings.