Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness

Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Dakota Garcia
Effectively completes tasks, no matter what. Turns in acceptable, but not outstanding, work. Able to contribute to all assignments because of an unusually strong understanding of the required mathematical knowledge and skills. Shares ideas openly with fellow team members. Asks everyone to contribute ideas so everyone's voice is heard during team meetings. Sets internal deadlines to push the team to complete goals effectively. Helps the team think of issues that have been overlooked. Encourages the team to do better than it normally would. Usually reads and double-checks the work before submitting it.
Morgan King
Turns in acceptable, but not outstanding, work. Engages in little taskwork if not pushed by others. Identifies weaknesses in the team's developments. Writes down a checklist of what the team needs to get done for meetings. Talks about the need to get good grades by turning in quality work. Often makes statements implying the team will fail the assignment. Listens to everyone's opinions. Involves everyone in discussions. Uses relevant math skills. Does not try to learn the skills needed to complete the task.
Harley Williams
Does not mention problems right away, but later comments about having noticed those issues. Ensures that things get done by asking if each member understands the tasks that they need to accomplish. Respects other team members' opinions. Redirects negative comments of other team members to keep things positive. Completes all assigned tasks on time. Does more work than what is needed. Usually reads and double-checks the work before submitting it. Communicates high expectations with regard to the quality of assignments. Accomplishes tasks quickly by using extensive knowledge base. Completes the required mathematical operations due to having the expected mathematical skills for this course.

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