Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness

Team Descriptions

Remember that you will be able to view any of these descriptions during the activity simply by rolling your mouse over each student's name.

Devon Harris
Does more work than what is needed. Completes any math required as part of the team's assignments. Is often combative when own ideas are not adopted. Listens to everyone. Reviews all work before submitting it to the team to ensure it is of top quality. Usually reads and double-checks the work before submitting it. Ensures that things get done by asking if each member understands the tasks that they need to accomplish. Takes the initiative to make sure everyone makes it to the meetings and gets their work done. Applies previously gained programming knowledge to complete tasks. Shows skills in areas where the rest of the team does not have them.
Taylor Jones
Records team progress and tasks remaining. Keeps track of deadlines and holds team members to those deadlines to ensure the project is completed in the time allotted. Listens to everyone's opinions. Is often combative when own ideas are not adopted. Ignores errors in the work and suggests that it is ok to submit as is without fixing errors. Relies upon an excellent knowledge base that greatly assists in solving the team's problems. Applies previously gained programming knowledge to complete tasks. Routinely late to team meetings. Does fair share of the work, but generally not above and beyond the fair share.
Addison Taylor
Writes checklists that keep the team focused. Encourages the team members to stay on the tasks. Seeks input from team members that haven't voiced ideas yet. Respects other team members' opinions. Able to contribute to all assignments because of an unusually strong understanding of the required mathematical knowledge and skills. Figures out how to do the math for assigned problems. Always volunteers to perform additional work as needed. Consistently meets the expectations of the assignment. Invests time to ensure the team is doing the job well. Often makes statements implying the team will fail the assignment.

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