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A tribute on the passing of Dr. Dan Ferguson

Long-time CATME Managing Director Dr. Dan Ferguson passed away Wednesday, November 8. Dan was Managing Director of CATME from his graduation with a PhD from Purdue’s School of Engineering Education in 2013 until his retirement in December 2022. He was surrounded by family and under hospice care, and passed away with the Notre Dame song, “Notre Dame, our mother” on his lips.

In addition to being a Notre Dame alum and devoted fan, Dan had an MS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford and a long career as a serial entrepreneur in the area of cash management. As the Managing Director of CATME, he mentored many students – some making technical contributions to the CATME system, and others helping to run the business side of CATME. Many of CATME’s business practices – and the fact that CATME successfully navigated the transition to a paid service – are a part of Dan’s legacy. The part of that legacy Dan was proudest of is how the students’ experience at CATME prepared them for having their choice of jobs after graduation. Dan passed away knowing that the management of CATME had transitioned into other capable hands and lived to know that CATME reach its 2,000,000th student this August.


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